25 Jun 2017, 10:59

Weekly Vegan Menu Planning #2


I should start thinking about the weeks ahead during the week before, but we get to Sunday and I remember it’s time to put our grocery order in. Grocery order? Well - our local grocer has an online option so someone else picks our groceries for us and we load it into our car.

We just pick them up. This still usually involves a quick run through for items we might have forgotten or to pick up some beer or cider, but generally, it keeps our time there as short as possible. Our little one does not like shopping carts, so one of us ends up carrying him around or occasionally letting him roam the less breakable aisles for a while, which adds to our desire to get in and get out sooner rather than later.

The following are recipes we’re planning on making in the coming week, starting on Monday for 2 hungry adults and 1 not-so-picky toddler. Some lunches are for my husband to take to work, but if we can prepare  a few lunches ahead of time all of us will win.

To be honest, many of these aren’t all reasonable or simple meals, but many or parts of them can be prepared in advance.

I’m starting the weekend feeling more enthusiastic about savoury items but I like having a few different options in mind. I find having an idea of what we’re going to have during the week, makes it a lot easier to make things, and saves me a lot of time searching for the one thing


Lunches (3 on the go)

  • Monday - (Make ahead) - Orzo Salad in a jar with beans and tofu cubes - (minty dressing for me, a dill olive oil dressing for J) - celery, red peppers, orzo pasta, kale/radicchio or whatever greens come in our CSA this week, green onions, olives, walnuts, dill.) Dressings: 3 tsp mustard, 6tbsp white vinegar, 9 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper. Separate, 1 tsp of mint in mine, 1 tsp of dill in his.

  • Tuesday: Black bean mixed vegetable mushroom stir-fry with rice noodles. (ended up making a potato linguine to go with this instead of rice noodles)

  • Wednesday: (Make ahead) Oh She Glows  - Orange Maple Miso Noodle Bowl. Ended up doing something different - with a sesame maple dressing.

  • Baked beans (canned or this recipe from Serious Eats), rigatoni pasta, and baked peanut tofu fingers.

  • (Make ahead) Bryant Terry’s - Jamaican Veggie Patties from Afro Vegan pg.  (the plan is to use the recipe for the crust, but make my own lentil TVP filling based more on this recipe from Serious Eats)



Banana bread muffins Hummus Snackworthy Cereal Bars out of DIY Vegan p90