06 Mar 2017, 02:02

A week of dinners - sunday meal planning


I’ve been working on getting more organized in terms of making dinner. If I work that day, or we have a bunch of playdates, we are more likely to order in or get take out. Sometimes my partner cooks, but I usually have to come up with the idea or find a recipe that works with what we have in the house. Sometimes that seems like more effort than just opening the fridge, and making something up.

That said, one of my goals for the next few months is to start prepping more food in advance on the weekend. Thus far, during previous weeks, I haven’t been successful in planning or preparing or even thinking about the weeks meals before they happen, but this week might be a little different (or it might be more of the same.)

I had found a bunch of recipes I wanted to try this week, and planned my grocery shopping accordingly.

My planning is slightly complicated by an end of the week Purim feast, but preplanning might also help with that.

Here is our menu for the week starting with today: (maybe…)

Sunday (done!)


  • Glory Bowl (the nice thing about this is that the ingredients are also perfect for lunch for some of the other days of the week for me and the small human)
    • On Sunday I cooked up enough rice for this and future meals (like the tacos and gumbo)


Wednesday * Samosa Soup



Saturday (it’s Purim, so it’s time for a feast, and we’re considering inviting my partners family, some of which follow a ketogenic diet))