19 Sep 2022, 09:37

2022 - Day 10 - what are we up to?


Day 10

After a pretty action packed weekend (we adopted a kitten and went to vegfest) we are back to it.

We’re currently reading The Very Very Far North, and answering some discussion questions about each chapter. So far we’ve hit chapter 6, but I’m aiming for at least 8 today. A librarian was kind enough to read the entirety of it during the early pandemic when people were still staying home to keep each other safe, so we can watch or listen to it here

We also did a morning of number crunchers, and shapes made of popsicles sticks, and multiples of two, we’ve been really playing around with doubling lately, and that’s been going quite well. It’s kind of cool to see the cumulative effects of casually playing 2048 over the years.

One of our tasks today is to do an Animal Profile where we pick an animal, do some research, and fill in a profile worksheet. - Answer what’s a tundra, forest, wetland, grassland, rainforest, ocean, and deserts

Read amazing World Atlas (available in Libby) - read about canada (30-31)