28 Mar 2022, 10:37

2022 - Dreaming of the Woods


I’ve spent a lot of the past two years day dreaming about moving to the woods - and recently, we’ve taken steps to make those day dreams a reality. At least a little bit. We bought a 14 acre property a couple of hours outside of Toronto. It’s a weird little house, sort of put together oddly, but in a way that really vibes well with us.

I will never forget arriving there and the immediate feeling that my partner and both seemed to share. We hadn’t even gone in the house, and we looked at each other, with that knowing sparkle in our eyes. It was magic. This was going to be home.

And while we were searching, it was hard to tap into that feeling, because the housing market in Ontario has been… difficult to deal with, but we’ve also been extremely lucky, all things considered.