06 Mar 2020, 08:37

Yoga Confessions


Sometimes when I can’t take a photo of my asana practice, I question whether I should do it. Realizing this, it seems to me that that would indicate how much I needed to do a practice without sharing it. There is also such a tangible pressure to start building a “brand” as a yoga teacher. But am I a teacher? Do I want to be? I have done YTT, I have the first step certificate, but there is so much more to learn and do before I really feel ready to share - but at the same time, if not now, when?

The desire to show people who I am, and what kind of teacher I am, but represented in the physical asana practice and not any of the other philosophical underpinnings - it seems flawed, but also seems like the reality to build a following. But I have to ask myself how important building a following is - perhaps some questions to ask myself after some meditation and pranayam.