Field-trips with Friends

Today my adventure began bright and early. I went downtown (by myself) to take part in the Sunrise Ceremony at the IRSS Legacy Celebration at Nathan Phillips Square. I was late arriving and stood back and watched, I think I could have joined in. I probably should have, but felt uncomfortable and disrespectful about being late for it. (I have this thing with time.)

But it felt meaningful and with intention, as a fairly large group gathered to acknowledge the day. Tkaronto was projected on the left tower of City Hall. 

I met my partner at his office, picked up the small human, and we went back to City Hall to take in some of the programming. And I wanted to vote in the advanced polls that started today. We got it all done.

The kiddo was a hit at the polling area, and was excited to participate in a process we’ve talked about a bit. There was also a Daniel Tiger episode about voting for swings or a slide, and voting for a class pet ( a bunny or a turtle ) so the process of selection has been touched on in a variety of ways already.

He watched me fill in my ballot, and asked me what I was doing – I told him I was selecting the person who I thought would do the best possible job. 

A friend met us with their kiddo, and we got to watch a Lacrosse demonstration from The Toronto Rock, and admire some of artistry of the commemorative teepees and play in the adjoining open spaces. 

And my favourite part of the day – watching our kids play together.

There is nothing better than that. 

Mom Tiger is Sick – Rest is Best.

I’ve been sick for a few days and I feel bummed out about it – there is so much I’d like to do, and so much I’d rather be doing, but I’m trying to rest as much as possible.

The sad thing is that I’m conscious of how much I’d love to be cleaning or doing laundry or all the things I normally and eagerly set aside – in favour of this deeply exhausted feeling in my muscles.

On the bright side, I am generally able to focus on a book or to attempt sentence construction, so I’ve been working on some Coursera courses, and have finished a few books in the past few days. 

new year, same great us

Yesterday morning we bundled up and got ready for the ymca. It’s become a regular thing, this guaranteed Tuesday morning visit to the Y – why? Because we have a regular cleaner now, and it’s nice to get out of the house and get out of their way. I’d rather spend time with the TinyHuman than spend anymore time organizing, cleaning, scrubbing, over and over and over again, Instead, we leave, and come back to a nicely organized, clean house – then it’s nap time, and I get to take care of dinner things or read books or watch movies or some combination of those. They’ve been coming for approximately 1 month, and It has been really really nice.

The Tinyhuman seems to like his visits to the YMCA – I take him over to the childminding folks (that don’t particularly like me – but they do like him, which is all that matters) and I get some time to run or weight lift or aquafit. Then I scoop up the kiddo and we go swimming together – something he really seems to love too.

A few things I’ve started to encourage in the house are random spontaneous dance parties. I’ll turn on a song on our Sonos, and declare a dance party, and go to the centre of the living room and dance. This will invariably (so far) encourage other members of the family to join me. It’s a fun break to occasionally sedentary time at home, while also encouraging silliness, laughter, and getting our heart rates up a bit.

Tiny Human House, Tiny Houses, She Sheds

Somehow I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with the idea of a She Sheds. Or just, having a tiny shed in the garden to escape and read or craft or write in. It’s part of a large effort to simplify things in the house, and make the house as safe as possible for our little one, but also, just symbolic of my need to have something that is mine. All mine.

If you’ve never heard of a She Shed, it’s often just a repurposed shed or garden potting house, which can be designated for whatever a She wants – often crafting, reading, socializing, or whatever. Think of it as a tree or play house for adults.

After going down a pinterest rabbit hole last night, I am now at least partially convinced I could build one for myself. But I think I’ll try and be reasonable, and roll that back a bit to reality. There is also a local company (and one of several) that makes shed build kits and even installs them if folks are so inclined.

I have my eye on one of the barn shed kits from ShedInADay, but we’ll see what will happen. The last time I built anything was with Habitat for Humanity about 10 years ago. (dang)

No matter what, it’s a lot of fun to think about and imagine.